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CMT 235.006.07 Cove Cutter Head For 800.523.11 Crown Molding Set, 5/8-Inch Bore For Table Saws

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Craftsman 9-2353 Cabinet Door Lip Cutter Bit Set For Molding Head 9-3218 USA

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Molding Heads and Cutters CMT Molding Heads and Cutters-When you attach a molding head and cutter set to your table saw, you can become very creative and very fast in making your own custom moldings.

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My dad bought our first set 55 years ago for $10 or so. The cutter head was also available in a 5 inch diameter and it works great on a spindle shaper. At one time, 25 or more different cutters were available. With the full set you could reproduce almost any molding or make 100's of different picture frames.

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Molding Heads. Molding Heads allow your table saw to be used to mill parts in unique ways. Get started by choosing the right head for your saw. Learn More. Molding Knives. We offer fifty different knife profiles to help you create the perfect parts to fit your project. Click here to start or add to your collection.

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So, if you already own Craftsman, Corob or Delta molding head knives, choose the molding head that matches those knives. Please note that Shopsmith knives are not compatible with any of our molding heads. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend one of the Corob MHK heads. Craftsman-style knives can easily be found in the used marketplace

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2007-8-22  MOLDING CUTTER SET MOLDING HEAD INSERTING CUTTERS Insert the molding cutters into your CRAFTSMAN Molding Head (Cat. No. 9-3200, 9-2284 or 9-2289) and tighten the set screws with wrench provided. See illustration at left.

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2013-2-3  craftsman molding head set I have that same molding head set, have used it when needed,and it works fine. I have found that most people are "scared" of these tools mostly because of the noise they make. If you follow a few safety precautions before starting a project with this tool, there should be no problem with them.